News roundup: SPD, municipal broadband, and more

Yesterday’s SPD survey made the news this morning.

Seattle Times and Crosscut report on yesterday’s survey results that show Seattleites have an improving opinion of the Seattle Police Department.

Puget Sound Business Journal covers AirBnB’s latest self-published report making the case for its contribution to the local economy.

The Stranger reports on Council member Sawant’s proposal to eliminate a tax loophole for “international investment management services.”

GeekWire looks at the renewed push for municipal broadband.

Erica C. Barnett writes of a trip she took with Council member Lisa Herbold and state Senator Mark Miloscia to the InSite safe consumption site in Vancouver.

The Stranger covers yesterday’s Jill Stein rally in Seattle, where Council member Kshama Sawant spoke — but Jill Stein didn’t (she’s out sick).


  1. Broadband” is a misnomer in this context. It’s a marketing term adopted by companies who seemingly wanted to make their commodity services of connecting people’s computing devices to the Internet sound like something flashier. They mean “high-speed Internet access,” but “high-speed” is relative, having clear meaning only in the context of typical Internet access speeds of the day, and thus is not particularly informative in the long-term. What we’re talking about, here, is municipal Internet service–a publicly owned and operated ISP. Can we stop playing along with Comcast, et. al., and call it what it is?

    1. a) I was using the term that the Council used in their own documents; and b) for most people they are synonymous.

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