News roundup for Monday

The week is getting off to a quiet start.

Crosscut covers ongoing discussions over whether  the Seattle Police Department will openly share body-cam data with other law enforcement agencies — and whether a Trump administration will make that a more pressing issue.

Huffington Post has a pre-election Q&A with Council member Kshama Sawant.

Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat takes issue with Sawant’s post-election criticism of Donald Trump.

Crosscut considers how fragile the Seattle economy is.






  1. Your characterization of David Kroman’s Crosscut piece is misleading. In it, he describes a question that SPD have refused for nearly a year to answer that is not specific to law enforcement agencies and that is specific to federal agencies. He quoted CPC co-chair Lisa Daugaard as follows: “Meanwhile, a pending question to SPD when we last met in January was what obligations if any SPD would have to provide access to [body-worn camera] footage to federal security or intelligence agencies, and whether SPD would provide access to that footage even if not obligated to do so.”

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