News roundup: homeless encampments

Happy Friday!  Topping the news is the Mayor’s announcement yesterday of the placement of three new sanctioned homeless encampments.  Plus lots of op/eds.

Seattle Times, The Stranger, and Seattle Weekly reports on the Mayor’s announcement of the locations for three of the four new homeless encampments the city will be creating.

SeattleMet has an op/ed jumping into the argument about whether Council member Herbold’s proposed new regulatory fee on businesses is a “fee” or a “tax.”

The Urbanist ran an op/ed from Council member Sally Bagshaw discussing the need for public restrooms downtown.

The Urbanist also has an editorial continuing its argument with the Sightline Institute about the merits of inclusionary zoning.

Seattle Times continues its series of articles looking at the city’s preparations for a major earthquake by comparing it to Christchurch, NZ.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog looks at the new Democracy Voucher system being rolled out.

Bellevue Reporter look at what a Trump presidency means for local funding and the homelessness crisis.