News roundup for Wednesday: Uber drivers!

Yesterday’s public hearing on the city’s rules for unionizing Uber drivers tops this morning’s news.

Northwest Cable News, The Stranger, and SeattleMet report on the renewed debate over rules on which Uber drivers can potentially participate in collective bargaining — and Uber’s highly visible role in organizing anti-union drivers to defeat the effort.

SeattleMet notes some shuffling of staff in City Hall.

Forbes seems to have developed a weird fascination with labor laws in Seattle. They ran two opinion pieces: one on the minimum wage increase, and another on the Uber driver unionization. While I feel the need to post them since they appear in a highly-read magazine, I also feel compelled to point out that both articles are heavily biased and spout factually incorrect nonsense dressed up as pseudoscientific “findings.” If you choose to read them, do so to understand what people are saying and not for the quality of the information contained therein.