Wednesday news roundup

The controversy over the proposed King County youth detention facility headlines the news this morning.

Seattle Times, SeattleMet, and The Stranger (here and here) discuss protests over the plan to build a new youth detention facility in the Central District. South Seattle Emerald has an op-ed arguing against the project. The city government is expected to issue a decision on the permit for the facility this week.

Crosscut looks at the path forward for police reform in Seattle.

Queen Anne News covers the recent Council adoption of legislation capping move-in fees for tenants.

Labor Press reports on the new contract for KING5 photojournalists, a topic that the Council weighed in on earlier this year.

SeattleMet covers the future of the city’s bike share program as it transitions in 2017 to a new vendor, and to electric-assist bikes.

Seattle Weekly discusses the power balance between the Mayor and the City Council.

Erica C. Barnett covers Council member Herbold’s efforts to create a program to preserve “legacy businesses” in Seattle.

Seattle Weekly predicts that the fight over neighborhood upzones will be one of several political fights to headline 2017.

Fox News reports on cities’ efforts to pass regulations on Uber and Lyft.

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  1. Regarding the Youth Services Center (YSC). In 2006 I worked for King County Library System and the library delivered to YSC. It was decrepit then. Here we are now, a full 10 years later still trying to replace it. (It seems the Seattle Process has engulfed King County, too.)

    For those who don’t want the YSC replaced, what do they want instead? Surely they know that some youth who are having problems in society (robbing, etc) need somewhere that is not the county jail. Youth in trouble have to have somewhere to get help. What do the naysayers want – to just release these youth back into the society without the society having a say?

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