Thursday news roundup: Sanctuary city

The big news this morning is, of course, Trump’s declaration of war against so-called “sanctuary cities” yesterday, and Seattle’s fierce response.

Seattle Times, The Stranger, USA Today, The International Business Times, Fox BusinessBusiness Insider, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, The Urbanist, Raw Story, Seattle Globalist, Patch, Erica C. Barnett, and the South Seattle Emerald all report on Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities and Seattle leaders’ response.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog and Seattle Weekly continue coverage of Tuesday’s Council discussion of surveillance cameras on city-owned street poles.

KING5 and the Seattle Globalist discuss Seattle’s reaction to Trump’s greenlighting of the Dakota Access pipeline project.

Crosscut reports that Council member Mike O’Brien has decided against running for mayor this year.

Seattle Weekly has an editorial asking Mayor Murray to stop sweeping homeless encampments.