Thursday news roundup: still Wells Fargo

The city’s vote earlier this week to cut ties with Wells Fargo Bank still tops the news.

The LA Times, Huffington Post, MPR, ThinkProgress, KQED, KUOW, Crosscut, and the South Seattle Emerald all continue coverage and discussion of the City Council’s vote on Tuesday to sever its ties with Wells Fargo.

SeattleMet looks at the proposed rezone of the University District.

Seattle Times, Puget Sound Business Journal, and the Seattle PI report on Chris Hansen’s re-filing of a street vacation permit for the SODO Arena.

Wall Street Journal looks at the problem of foreign home buyers in Vancouver and Seattle, and what Council member O’Brien is looking to do about it.

Seattle Times and Seattlish cover the announcement of the location for the new Navigation Center for the homeless in Seattle.

South Seattle Emerald looks at proposed police accountability legislations.

The Urbanist looks at what a refurbished arena might mean to the Seattle Center.