Thursday news roundup: food for thought

A broad set of topics in the news this morning, and lots of good thought-pieces worth reading.

The Architect’s Newspaper and the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce report on the Council’s approval of a rezone for the University District.

Crosscut covers yesterday’s Council discussion of SPD’s use of body-worn video cameras.

SeattleMet has words for new transplants to Seattle who are too attached to their single-occupancy vehicles.

Seattle Times looks at what’s happening with last month’s One Night Count of homeless people, and why numbers haven’t been released yet.

KGW reports on the Mayor’s plan to introduce a soda tax in Seattle.

SeattleMet reports on the Mayor’s State of the City address.

Seattle Bike Blog discusses improvements coming this year to NE 65th Street, while South Seattle Emerald discusses improvements to Rainier Avenue.

SeattleMet published a Q&A with City Attorney Pete Holmes.

Crosscut argues that Seattle isn’t as progressive as it thinks it is.