Ramirez case won’t get immediate hearing

Last Friday, the legal team for Daniel Ramirez asked the Us District Court for an immediate hearing on its emergency motion for Ramirez’s conditional release. This morning, the judge said no.

Here’s background on how we got here, including the emergency motion last week.

Judge Donohue’s order this morning denies the request for hearing, and reiterates the judge’s earlier finding that he needs to sort out the issue of whether his court has jurisdiction before he can rule on an order for release.

The court finds no basis to disturb the accelerated briefing schedules already set in this case to determine whether this Court has jurisdiction over petitioner’s habeas claims. The Court will consider petitioner’s arguments regarding immediate release from detention at the oral argument scheduled on March 8, 2017, when the Court has the benefit of the briefing by all the parties on the issue of jurisdiction.

So the good news for Ramirez is that the judge didn’t deny the motion for immediate release, and in fact said he’ll hear it on March 8th.  The bad news is the earliest he will get out of detention is the middle of next week.