This week in Council Chambers

A lot is happening this week.

Monday morning at the weekly Council Briefing, the Council will hear another weekly update from the Office of Intergovernmental Relations on the ongoing state legislative session.  It will also meet in executive session for briefings on pending legal matters (no doubt the several lawsuits that have been filed against the city challenging ordinances).

Monday afternoon in the Full Council meeting, the Council will take a final vote on approving the proposed Seattle Renters Commission, and an easement at Magnuson Park for the Mercy Housing project.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar has several items of note:

  • a lease agreement for the Finance and Administrative Services Department in order to relocate the Central area Customer Service Center;
  • An amendment to the cooperative agreement for the Yesler Terrace public housing redevelopment, relocating one project’s location and changing the timing for its funding;
  • an ordinance updating Seattle Public Utilities’ recycling requirements;
  • Two reports from SPD: an audit report on confidential criminal information obtained through the Department membership in the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU) and the Western States Information Network (WSIN); and an annual report on the collection of information for law enforcement purposes;
  • A resolution expressing the city’s commitment to becoming a more age-friendly city;
  • three contract rezones for development projects.

Tuesday morning, that Planning, Land Use and Zoning committee meets. On its agenda:

  • several appointments to the Seattle Planning Commission;
  • two of the aforementioned contract rezones;
  • Consideration of the MHA-related upzones for downtown and South Lake Union, with votes on amendments and possibly passing the final bill out of committee;
  • An ordinance restoring SEPA exemptions for “infill” projects.

Tuesday afternoon, the Sustainability and Transportation Committee meets.  It will hear an update on the Seattle Streetcar malfunction, and a briefing on Equitable Transportation.

Wednesday morning, the Gender Equity, Safe Communities and New Americans (GESCNA) Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not been published, but the proposed police accountability legislation will like be a topic.

Wednesday afternoon, the Human Services and Public Health Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not been published.

Thursday evening at 6pm, the GESCNA Committee will hold a special meeting: a public hearing on the proposed police accountability legislation.