This week in Council Chambers

Monday afternoon is all about the police.

Monday morning the Council will hold its weekly Council Briefing. There are no briefings or presentations on the agenda.

Monday afternoon during the weekly Full Council meeting, the Council will take final votes on:

  • the much-anticipated police accountability legislation, a companion ordinance to appropriate budget to begin hiring for the oversight entities, and a companion resolution to state the Council’s position on related issues.
  • an ordinance to create a “police observer’s bill of rights.”
  • an ordinance authorizing the hiring of additional staff to implement Move Seattle Levy projects.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar has several notable new legislative items, including:

  • an ordinance extending the Seattle Art Museum’s responsibilities for the newly-created beach area at Myrtle Edwards Park;
  • an ordinance adopting new design guidelines for Mount Baker Town Center and the Pike/Pine Corridor;
  • Three ordinances (here, here and here) implementing the MHA rezone for the Central Area commercial corridor along 23rd Avenue;
  • An ordinance removing the requirement that people seeking judicial review of the city’s land use regulations must request an interpretation from SDCI first (which costs $3150).

Tuesday morning the Civil Rights, Utilities, economic Development and Arts Committee meets. It has a very full agenda, including:

  • an ordinance making modifications to the LGBTQ Commission, the Commission on People with Disabilities, the Women’s Commission, and the Human Rights Commission;
  • presentations on the 2017 work plans for those four commissions;
  • A report on the 2016 audit of Seattle Public Utilities;
  • A discussion on Fair Chance Housing, a program to remove barriers for people with arrest and conviction records to obtain housing.

Tuesday afternoon, the Energy and Environment Committee meets, and will be briefed on cost overruns with Seattle City Light’s AMI program to roll out new digital meters.

Wednesday morning, the Gender Equity, Safe Communities and New Americans Committee meets, Wednesday afternoon the Human Services and Public Health Committee meets, and Friday morning the Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods and Finance Committee meets. Agendas have not yet been released for these meetings.