This week in Council Chambers

Not a terribly exciting week ahead for the City Council — after Monday afternoon, that is.

Monday morning in the weekly Council Briefing, there will be a presentation on the Parks Department’s 2017 Parks and Open Space Plan, which is current posted for public comment (deadline 6/15 — get your comments in now!)

Monday afternoon in the Full Council meeting, the Council will take final votes on:

  • a proposal to fund the Seattle Public School District to switch to a two-tier start time system, and the pay for extra crossing guards (expect a lengthy public comment session on this);
  • five appointments to the Community Involvement Commission;
  • six appointments to the Pedestrian Advisory Board.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar has three pieces of legislation:

  • an ordinance updating the city’s traffic code and another ordinance updating the city’s criminal code, to match changes in state law. By passing these laws, revenues from fines go to the city instead of the state.
  • An ordinance approving a lease and operation agreement for the public moorage facilities at Leschi and Lakewood.

Tuesday morning, the Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development, and Arts Committee meets. On its agenda:

  • an ordinance making changes to the Human Rights Commission, the LGBTQ Commission, the Commission for People with Disabilities, and the Women’s Commission.
  • a briefing on the Mayor’s Youth Employment Initiative.

Tuesday afternoon, the Energy and Environment Committee meets. The agenda has not been published, but they may take up Council member Sawant’s proposed ordinance to add voter registration information to the packet that landlords are required to distribute to new tenants.

Wednesday morning’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Gender Equity, Safe Communities, and New Americans Committee has been cancelled.

Wednesday afternoon, the Human Services and Public Health Committee and the Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods and Finance Committee meet. The agendas for the meetings have not yet been published.

Thursday morning, the Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries and Waterfront Committee meets. The agenda has not yet been published, but it’s likely to include the agreement for Leschi and Lakewood moorage facilities mentioned above.