Thursday news roundup: Vehicle camping

A proposed loosening of restrictions on homeless people living in vehicles on the streets of Seattle tops the news this morning.

Crosscut, KUOW, Seattle Weekly, KING, Patch, Q13, MyNorthwest, and Erica C. Barnett report on a proposal in the works by Council member Mike O’Brien related to people living in vehicles parked on city streets.   O’Brien has announced a press conference for 12:15 today to announce his proposal; don’t put too much faith in anything you read or hear about what the proposal says until it comes directly from O’Brien.

Real Change covers the Council’s recent work on updating the city’s rules on acquiring surveillance technology.

Erica C. Barnett points out that “corporate contributions” to local campaigns are nearly nonexistent.

KOMO reports on another lawsuit challenging the recently-passed income tax.