This week in Council Chambers: budget budget budget

The Council has a singular focus this week: the budget.

There are no presentations scheduled for Monday morning’s weekly Council Briefing.

Monday afternoon’s Full Council meeting only has one item: filing a correction to a contract rezone.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar is also a tame affair: two contract rezones and a resolution setting a public hearing date for a street vacation request.

There are four meetings scheduled this week for the Budget Committee to discuss issues with the Mayor’s budget proposal:

  • Monday at 10:30am
  • Monday at 2:3pm (or when the full Council meeting finishes)
  • Tuesday at 9:30am
  • Tuesday at 2:00pm

Here is the agenda for Monday’s meetings; they plan to discuss SDOT in the morning, and SPU and FAS in the afternoon.  The agenda for Tuesday’s sessions has not yet been published, but the tentative plan is

Tuesday morning:

  • Homeless emergency response (multiple departments)
  • Human services department
  • How to spend the soda tax proceeds

Tuesday afternoon:

  • Seattle Police Department
  • The newly created Office of the Inspector General
  • The Community Police Commission
  • Other cross-cutting and miscellaneous issues

Council members must submit budget proposals (with 3 Council members co-sponsoring) by 2pm on October 19th, in order for them to be discussed in the next round of discussions on October 23-25.

Here’s the full schedule for the budget development process.