This week in Council Chambers

I can think of nine people who will be giving thanks this week that the budget  is done.

Everything is happening on Monday this week.

At Monday morning’s Council Briefing, the Council will discuss a bill by Council member Harris-Talley to adopt a process for filling Council vacancies that involves a formal application process and a mandatory public forum.  The Council will also hold a closed executive session to discuss legal matters.

Immediately after the Council Briefing, the Budget Committee will meet for the last time to wrap up any last-minute issues with the 2018 budget before the Council formally adopts it in the afternoon.

The Monday afternoon Full Council meeting has three major items of business on its lengthy agenda:

  • Approval of Andrew Myerberg as the new OPA Director;
  • Re-appointment of three members of the Community Police Commission;
  • Approval of the 2018 budget, the 2018 Capital Improvement Plan, and a long list of bills attached to the budget.

Immediately after the Full Council meeting, the Seattle Parks District Board meets to approve its 2018 budget.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar is short, with just a few items of note:

  • some paperwork related to a request for a street vacation by the Port of Seattle for its Terminal 18 renovation project on Harbor Island;
  • a landmark and controls designation;
  • a contract rezone.

All the rest of the regularly-scheduled meetings for the week have been cancelled.