Tuesday news roundup

Inauguration day is here!

Crosscut and South Seattle Emerald look at the 51-day tenure of Council member Kirsten Harris-Talley.

Wall Street Journal, Yakima Herald-Republic, and Reason discuss the city’s proposed income tax and the uphill legal battle it faces.

KING has an exit interview with Mayor Tim Burgess.

ShelterForce covers the over-selling of rapid rehousing programs.

The Stranger, The Urbanist, and the West Seattle Blog report on an appeal filed yesterday of the city-wide MHA rezone.

Seattle Times covers the never-ending fight over the Burke-Gilman Trail “missing link” in Ballard.

Crosscut, Erica Barnett, Seattle Times, and Patch discuss the homelessness services RFP results announced yesterday.

KING looks at the proposed AirBnB regulations discussed at a Council hearing last night.