Tuesday news roundup

Yesterday’s vote on AirBnB regulations tops the news this morning.

Seattle Times, The Stranger, SeattleMet, GeekWire, MyNorthwest, and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog report on the Council’s vote yesterday to approve regulations on short-term rentals.

Democracy Journal looks at the city’s Democracy Vouchers program.

KUOW speaks with Council member Debora Juarez about the Key Arena MOU.

SeattleMet covers the city’s response to a letter from the DOJ on “Sanctuary city” policies.

Inspire has an op-ed from Nikkita Oliver and Matt Remle on divestment as a political strategy.

The Urbanist issues a call to action over parking requirements.

West Seattle Blog looks at the new Council committee assignments for next year.

KING discusses Chris Hansen’s options to try to get his SODO Arena built.



  1. Just wanted to say thank you for your work, including these roundups. Aggregating important info usably is not as easy as some might think, and can be thankless, so we want to let you know we appreciate it.

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