Friday news roundup

Welcome to the weekend! Don’t forget to check the weather, and WRAP YOUR OUTSIDE PIPES AND SPIGOTS!!! It’s going to get very cold overnight (i.e. low 20’s) over the next few days.

OK, on to the news.

Crosscut and The Stranger report on a Council committee meeting that featured a discussion with Seattle Silence Breakers on sexual harassment at Seattle City Light.

Seattle Times reports that “sweeps” of homeless camps have slowed down as space in enhanced shelters has filled up.

Erica C. Barnett reports that the Council is delaying action on Mayor Durkan’s plan to build new “tiny houses” for a few weeks.

The Stranger covers new threats from the Trump administration’s DEA over safe consumption sites.

Capitol Hill Times reports that the Seattle Asian Art Museum has scheduled a community meeting on its recently-approved expansion project.

Seattle Times looks at how Seattle stacks up versus other U.S. cities for availability of subsidized housing.