Thursday news roundup

Two new lawsuits filed against the city… otherwise known as “Thursday.”

Seattle Times, The Stranger, KUOW, SeattleMet, and the AP report on a lawsuit filed against the city by former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s former foster son.

Seattle Times and The Stranger cover a lawsuit filed against the city by the family of Che Taylor, who was shot and killed by police officers two years ago.

Curbed and the AP report on the Council’s vote to extend bridge funding for certain homeless programs that had lost funding.

Arena Digest reports that a 2018 NBA pre-season game will be played at Key Arena.

The Urbanist covers the Council’s vote to approve the rezone of a property in the Westlake area.

South Seattle Emerald has an op-ed from former Council member and Mayor Tim Burgess on the importance of preschool programs.