Thursday news roundup

In the news this morning: lots of transportation issues. Plus, a nomination for police Inspector General.

Seattle Times, Curbed, The Urbanist, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, and West Seattle Blog report on Mayor Durkan’s announcement yesterday that the city will be studying tolling or “congestion pricing” downtown streets.

The AP covers the city’s upcoming look at adjusting the regulations for taxis and ride-hailing companies.

Crosscut reports that SODO businesses are becoming increasingly frustrated with the city’s slow-walk on addressing the parking situation in their neighborhood.

The Urbanist reports on the ordinance passed Monday revising rules for off-street parking.

Crosscut has an op-ed complaining about how the city has moved forward on modifications to 35th Ave NE in Wedgewood.

Seattle Times and the Tucson Sentinel report that Lisa Judge has been nominated as Seattle’s first Inspector General for Public Safety.