Thursday news roundup

So much being talked about today… and so much of it about taxes and city spending.

The Stranger, KING, and MyNorthwest all write various forms of “Seattleites are angry about taxes.”

Meanwhile, Crosscut and Real Change talk about frustration with the city’s spending on the homelessness response.

KUOW, Streets Blog USA, Seattle Transit Blog, and Seattle Bike Blog report that the dockless bike share pilot overall seems to be gaining traction.

Seattle Times reports on the old, failing Magnolia Bridge… and the absence of a plan to replace it.

Crosscut covers work on creating new protections for the city’s tree canopy.

The Stranger discusses efforts to establish a right to council for defendants in eviction proceedings.

Westside Seattle covers the MHA public hearing in West Seattle earlier this week.

The Urbanist looks at some proposed tweaks to the Incentive Zoning program.

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  1. I think it was Okimono who added this amendment to the Move Seattle Levy. To date, I haven’t seen that report in any materials online or in documents I’ve skimmed at the levy oversight committee website.

    “In addition to the annual progress report, the Director of Transportation will prepare and submit an annual report focusing on bridges and structures including a narrative explaining in detail the condition of bridges and structures within the City of Seattle, especially the Ballard and Magnolia bridges, an assessment of known deficiencies and a funding plan to address known deficiencies.”

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