This week in Council Chambers

The Council members have about a month before their late-August recess, and shortly after they come back from that they put everything else aside to work on the 2019-2020 budget until mid-November. Expect a lot to be packed into the next month — and this week doesn’t disappoint.

Monday morning’s Council Briefing has no special presentations.

Monday afternoon’s Full Council meeting is scheduled to include final votes on several items of legislation including:

  • a resolution indicating the Council’s intent to create a SODO Parking and Business Improvement Area;
  • some changes to the SPU customer review panel;
  • two historic preservation ordinances;
  • four appointments to the Community Police Commission.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following pieces of new legislation:

  • an aquatic lands lease for Andrews Bay;
  • an ordinance approving an MOU with the Seattle Aquarium Society on expansion of the aquarium;
  • two contract rezones: one along Rainier Avenue South, and one at 1620 16th Avenue;
  • six appointments to the Seattle Design Review Board;
  • an ordinance setting new fees for bike-share programs;
  • a resolution setting a schedule for capital projects related to the center city bike network;
  • an ordinance lifting a funding proviso on the Delridge Multimodal Corridor Project.

Monday morning, the Select Committee on the City-wide MHA program meets. Now that it has finished the district-by-district reviews of the proposed upzones, it now begins to take up the final legislation to enact the zoning changes. However, the Council cannot actually take action until a pending appeal of the Environmental Impact Statement is resolved (a ruling is expected in late August or September).  Nevertheless, they will begin deliberations on adjustments made because of the recent reviews, and they will also hear a presentation on the results of the MHA program to-date in the limited areas where it has already been enacted.

Tuesday morning, the Governance, Equity and Technology Committee meets. It will begin deliberations on an ordinance creating a SODO Parking and Business Improvement Area.

Tuesday afternoon, the Sustainability and Transportation Committee meets. On its agenda:

  • a petition from Seattle City Light for a street vacation of part of Broad Street;
  • the previously-mentioned ordinance lifting a proviso on the Delridge Multimodal Corridor Project;
  • the ordinance setting a new fee schedule for bike share programs.

Wednesday morning, the Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee meets. While the agenda has not yet been published, expect it to include the contract rezones and appointments to the Seattle Design Review Board listed in the Introduction and Referral Calendar.

Wednesday at noon, the Sustainability and Transportation Committee meets again, this time to take up the resolution establishing a schedule for SDOT’s capital projects related to the center city bike network.

Wednesday afternoon, the Civic Development, Public Assets, and Native Communities Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not yet been published, but it will likely include the aquatic waters lease for Andrews Bay and the MOU with the Aquarium.

Thursday morning, the Housing. Health, Energy, and Workers’ Right Committee meets. It will continue its work on the “domestic workers’ bill of rights” and possibly vote it out of committee.

Thursday at noon, there is a special “lunch and learn” session scheduled on Sacramento’s approach to addressing homelessness.

Thursday afternoon, there is a joint meeting of the Sustainability and Transportation Committee and Sound Transit’s Elected Leadership Group.


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  1. I wonder how the bike share 3-4 companies will react to getting hit with $1,000,000 in annual fees and reimburse city for any dept expenses and a separate permit schedule because Parks and Rec want to implement their own process.

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