Wednesday News Roundup

A “potpourri of news” day.

The Seattle Times and the Stranger report that the city has reached a tentative deal with SPOG on a new contract for Seattle police officers.

The Stranger continues to delve into how the head tax repeal happened — including who was funding political ads.

SeattleMet reports that Mayor Durkan has nominated Debra Smith to head Seattle City Light.

JD Supra covers the recently-passed Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights.

Government Technology looks at the uses and abuses of data-driven government.

Erica C. Barnett reports on a plan to build backyard cottages to help house the city’s homeless.

The Seattle Times has an editorial arguing that the Mayor and the Council have a propensity for transacting city business behind closed doors that undermines the public trust in city government.



  1. I can’t help feel it’s…what?…miserly? Petty?…for the ST not to actually name you or even better, link to your post about the missing SCC documents in their editorial. Most news orgs name the outlet that breaks a story as a courtesy. Oh well 🙂

    1. Lewis Kamb named me in his story last Friday. The Seattle Times editorial board marches to the beat of a different drummer.

      I’ll know I’ve made it when Seattle media refers to me as something other than a “blogger.”

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