Tuesday news roundup

More on the back-story of the head tax repeal.

The Seattle Times has two articles (here and here) on the still-being-revealed details of how the Mayor and City Council quickly decided to repeal the head tax last June — and how the slow trickle of details from the city is causing its own legal issues.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog and West Seattle Blog report on the confirmation of Andres Mantilla as Director of the Department of Neighborhoods.

CBS Sports and Arena Digest report on last Friday’s Council preliminary vote to approve the Key Arena renovation and operation agreements with Oak View Group.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog looks at the next steps for the planned bike lane improvements along the Pike/Pine corridor.



  1. “It breaks my heart that more homeless people will die before the privileged voter is ready to act,” González texted. “It’s nauseating actually.” Yup, the Seattle voter never, ever votes for any tax increase.

    1. There are many reasons to take issue with Gonzalez’s statement, but she didn’t say that the Seattle voter never votes for any tax increase. Her comment was very clearly in the context of raising money to pay for the homelessness response.

      1. Well said Kevin. Let’s remember something: Lorena Gonzalez was the FIRST to stand up to BOTH Ed Murray & Alex Tsimerman.

        I can handle some straight talk from somebody as BRAVE as that aimed my way as I oppose taxing employment for ANY reason. No matter how noble.

        Not to mention the tax on jobs was going to fund stopping sweeps and more broken RVs.

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