Monday news roundup

Lots of SPD news today (watch for more later today, as the Mayor transmits the new SPOG contract to the City Council later this morning).

KUOW and the Seattle Times reports that the federal government has “blinked” on its threats to withhold funding for public safety programs to “sanctuary cities,” awarding $250,000 to the Seattle Police Department.

Patch reports that SPD is attempting to acquire a device that unlocks iPhones — but won’t run it through the city’s surveillance technology review program.

Seattle Times looks at what the University District is doing to prepare for the arrival of a new light rail station in 2021.

WHYY in Philadelphia looks at Seattle’s “secure scheduling” legislation as it looks to have its own.

The Seattle Times looks at the likelihood the Families, Education, Preschool and Promise Levy will pass.

The Seattle Times reports that SHARE/WHEEL will discontinue management of the Aurora-Licton Springs “tiny home village.”