Wednesday news roundup

Mayor Durkan appoints a new SDOT Director, and much more…

The Seattle Times, Crosscut, SeattleMet, Erica Barnett, Curbed, Seattle Transit Blog, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, and West Seattle Blog all report on Mayor Durkan’s nomination of Sam Zimbabwe as Director of SDOT.

The Seattle Times looks at the city’s latest court filing in support of its collective-bargaining agreement with SPOG.

West Seattle Blog covers the tentative schedule for the Council’s legislative process on the MHA upzone ordinance.

Erica Barnett gives us the latest on the Waterfront LID.

US News and World Report reports on how the City of Seattle is handling workplace misconduct issues.

The Urbanist covers the work of the “Recharge the Battery” group to remake Battery Street.

KING and The Urbanist recap the Council’s messy Monday meeting.

SeattleMet looks at the effort to get rid of the “tampon tax.”