Friday news roundup

Happy holidays, and safe travels for those of you heading out over the weekend.

KING reports that Seattle’s soda tax has brought in higher revenues than expected.

The Urbanist covers yesterday’s briefing by transportation officials on the plan to close the Alaskan Way Viaduct and open the new SR99 tunnel.

Patch covers the opening of a new homeless shelter at Harborview Hall.

The Stranger looks at what the appointment of Sam Zimbabwe as SDOT Director means for the city’s endless transportation battles.

The Urbanist reports on pending legislation to update the city’s transportation “level of service” standard and to establish neighborhood design guidelines for the U District and Uptown.

GeekWire reports that you can now text to 911 in Seattle and King County — but you should still call if you can.

MyNorthwest covers the looming strike by EMT workers in Seattle.

The Seattle Times asks whether Seattle could abolish single-family zoning.