This week in Council Chambers

A four-day week, but plenty of meetings nonetheless.

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day; the usual Monday meetings have been bumped to Tuesday, and the usual Tuesday meetings will happen at other times.

Tuesday morning, the Council Briefing will feature an executive session with city attorneys to discuss the Waterfront LID.

Tuesday afternoon, the full  City Council meeting has a very short agenda: just one quick item to fix an administrative error during the budget process.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes:

  1. the official introduction of three pieces of legislation related to the Waterfront Park: the formation of the Waterfront LID, a protest waiver agreement with LID property owners, and an operations and maintenance agreement for the park.
  2. the official introduction of an updated version of the MHA legislation, also three pieces of legislation: changes to the Comprehensive Plan, updates to development standards and zoning changes specifically to the Northgate Urban Center.
  3.  an ordinance transferring partial jurisdiction of some land in Discovery Park to Seattle Public Utilities for maintenance and operation of water and sewer systems there.
  4. A resolution laying out the City Council’s legislative agenda for reforming the eviction process.

In addition, Council member Sawant is expected to “walk on” a piece of legislation to address the Halcyon mobile-home park in Bitter Lake, where the property is about to be sold to a developer and the current residents evicted.

Wednesday morning, the Gender Equity, Safe Communities, New Americans and Education Committee meets. On its agenda:

  • a review of the 2019 Work Plan for the Office of Inspector General;
  •  a presentation on the December 27th outage of the emergency 911 system.

Wednesday afternoon, the Finance and Neighborhoods Committee meets. Its agenda includes:

  • a report on the Seattle Retirement Savings Plan;
  • a report from the Director of the Department of Neighborhoods.

Friday morning, the Civili Rights, Utilities, Economic Development and Arts Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not yet been published.

Friday afternoon, the Human Services, Equitable Development, and Renters Right Committee is scheduled to meet. The committee will take up the confirmation of Jason Johnson as Director of the Human Services Department. In addition, the committee might take up Council member Sawant’s legislation related to the Halcyon mobile-home park in Bitter Lake.