Friday news roundup

Monday is going to be a helluva day: the SR99 tunnel opens… and it looks like it might snow. Reminder: if public transit worked well for you the last three weeks, you can (and should) keep using it next week and beyond.

The Seattle Times, KING, KOMO, Q13, Patch and the Seattle Medium cover the Mayor’s announcement yesterday of a plan to allow SPD to offer $15,000 hiring bonuses to officers they poach from other police departments.

The South Seattle Emerald looks at the controversy over the Mayor’s approach to selecting a permanent Director of the Human Services Department.

The Seattle Weekly and Erica Barnett bring us the latest election news.



  1. Public transit won’t work well in the snow. Metro’s articulated buses jack-knife because of how they are designed. Metro doesn’t have many of the 40’s, high-floor (with stairs) buses that perform in the snow left. You ought to ask Metro what they are doing about that.

    1. Well this particular snow event, if it happens, isn’t going to generate enough snow to be an issue for articulated buses. Also: Metro and Sound Transit have many buses that aren’t articulated, and there’s the light rail. Plus most of the bus routes (particularly the frequent ones) stick to arterials, which are the top priority for getting plowed, so if SDOT does its thing, they should be fine. I, for one, would much prefer to let professional drivers handle snowy roads than drive myself — and I lived in New Hampshire for four years and dealt with snowy and icy roads regularly.

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