Notes from today’s Council meetings

Here are the notable things that got discussed and voted on by the City Council today.

In case you missed it (I did), Council member Johnson noted that the Seattle School District recently announced that they have a $42 million deficit in operating budget for next year, and are considering a set of significant cutbacks. You can read their most recent budget presentation here. The state legislature is debating whether to raise the cap on property tax levies that was imposed as part of the McCleary education-funding compromise last year.

This morning, Council member Herbold talked up her bill requiring all places of public accommodation to activate closed captioning on all closed-caption-capable television receivers in public areas during regular hours. The first violation results in a warning letter; the second, a $125 fine; subsequent violations, $300 fines.

Council member Gonzalez announced that at her committee meeting Wednesday morning the Council will begin deliberations on the Families, Education, Preschool and Promise Levy implementation and evaluation plan. The process will span multiple committee meetings.

Gonzalez also said that at Wednesday’s meeting her committee will hear a presentation from SPD on compiled shots-fired data and how the department is responding to gun violence around the city.

This afternoon, the Council confirmed Robert Nellams’ re-appointment as Director of the Seattle Center.