This week in Council Chambers

Lots of meetings this week, as the Council moves forward on filling Rob Johnson’s seat and on putting the Library Levy on the ballot.

Monday morning’s Council Briefing will feature another update from the Office of Intergovernmental Relations on the ongoing state legislative session, and an executive session for the Council members to discuss pending litigation with the city’s attorneys.

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meeting should be quick and non-controversial: just four commission appointments.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar is also pretty light. It includes the First Quarter Employment Ordinance (authorizing new city positions), and two appointments to the Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program Governing Council.

Monday morning there will also be a meeting of the Select Committee on the Seattle Library Levy, where the Council will begin discussion on identifying issues in the Mayor’s proposal they may address.

Monday is also Take Your Youngsters to Work Day in City Hall, hosted by Council member Lorena Gonzalez.

Tuesday morning, the Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development and Arts Committee meets. On its agenda:

  • an ordinance requiring closed captions to be turned on for TV screens in places of public accommodation;
  • the appointment of Mariko Lockhart as Director of the Office of Civil Rights;
  • an update on the Only in Seattle Business Districts program;
  • A review of the Seattle Arts Commission workplan;
  • an update on Seattle’s Arts and Cultural Districts.

Tuesday afternoon,  the Human Services, Equitable Development, and Renter Rights Committee is scheduled to meet. The agenda for the meeting has not yet been released.

Tuesday the Council will also release the names of the applicants for filling the vacancy on the Council created by the resignation of District 4’s Council member Rob Johnson.

Wednesday morning, the Gender Equity, Safe Communities, New Americans and Education Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not yet been released (and don’t be surprised if this one gets cancelled).

Wednesday afternoon, the Finance and Neighborhoods Committee meets. Expect it to take up the Q1 Employment Ordinance.

Thursday afternoon at 1pm, there will be a special meeting of the Council in executive session (i.e. not open to the public) to discuss qualifications for filling Rob Johnson’s seat on the Council.

Thursday evening at 5:30, there will be a public hearing on the Seattle Library Levy proposal.

Friday morning, the Select Committee on Homelessness and Housing Affordability meets. The agenda has not been released, but it’s likely to continue its deliberations on the appointment of Jason Johnson as Director of the Human Services Department.