Notes from today’s Council meetings

Some big things went down today, like the Library Levy and filling the District 4 vacancy. But here’s the other stuff that you may have missed.

This afternoon, the Council gave its final approval to the implementation and evaluation plan for the Families, Education, Preschool and Promise Levy approved by voters last November. Along with it, the Council approved partnership agreements with Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Colleges for implementing the FEPP levy.

The Council also confirmed the reappointment of Ryan Vancil as the city’s Hearing Examiner.

And it also approved a resolution, sponsored by Council member Mosqueda, setting expectations for a “safe and responsive workplace within the Legislative Department of city government.”

And gave final approval to an update to the city’s vacant building monitoring program.

Council member Sawant announced that in her committee meeting tomorrow afternoon, there will be a discussion of the long-planned transfer of community/senior center property in the Central District from the city to a private community-based organization. At this point, Sawant and Herbold said, further delays could casue the loss of a state grant.  The committee will also review the Seattle Renters Commission’s 2019 work plan.

Council member Gonzalez announced that on Friday at noon, she will be hosting a “lunch and learn” session with representatives from the Puget Sound Regional Council, the Transportation Choices Coalition, and other local and regional partners to discuss incorporating equity considerations into regional planning.  She noted that the PSRC’s “Vision 2050” long-range plan for regional growth current has a draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement out for review and public comment.


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  1. Thanks for the update.

    As to Councilmember Mosqueda’s resolution, I welcome it. I hope it also means a more firm response against Tsimerman than just 28-day exclusions. We’ll have to wait and see. I definitely have made a note to me to call her office about the fine print of this resolution…

    As to Councilmember Gonzalez’s lunch and learn, I might go. Might. Depends if I’m needed to take photos somewhere in Lynnwood the evening before…

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