This week in Council Chambers

It’s going to be a relatively quiet week.

Monday morning’s weekly Council Briefing has no special presentations, but will include two executive session with the city’s attorneys to discuss pending litigation.

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meeting will include final votes on:

  • an ordinance authorizing an interlocal cooperation agreement with King County to submit an EMS Levy renewal to the November ballot;
  • two appointments to the Seattle Renters Commission;
  • a lease agreement for the Wharf Building.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following new pieces of legislation:

  • an ordinance lifting the proviso on budgeted funds for the Community Service Officer program;
  • three apppointments to the Community Technology Advisory Board;
  • an ordinance conforming the city’s rental housing inspection code to match state law;
  • an ordinance creating a sign overlay district for the Seattle Center (including the Arena).

Tuesday morning, the Governance, Equity and Technology Committee meets, and will take up the three appointments to the Community Technology Advisory Board.

Tuesday afternoon the Sustainability and Transportation Committee meets. On its agenda:

  • discussion and possible vote on the pending legislation loosening restrictions on ADUs and restricting “McMansions.”
  • a discussion on the newly-released update to the Bicycle Master Plan implementation plan.

Wednesday morning, the Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not yet been released.

Wednesday afternoon, the Civic Development, Public Assets, and Native Communities Committee meets. It will hear presentations on the Race and Social Justice Initiative reports from the Seattle Center and the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Thursday evening at 6pm, there will be a special meeting of the Gender Equity, Safe Communities, New Americans and Education Committee at Washington Hall. Co-organized by Council members Gonzalez and Sawant, the meeting is being held to discuss how the city can address gun violence in the Central District.