Notes from today’s Council meetings

It’s a short week, so things were pretty abbreviated today.

In addition to the ADU legislation, this afternoon the Council passed:

Council member Sawant, who spent much of last week advocating on behalf of a group of renters facing eviction in an area south of Seattle and pressuring the King County Council to enact “just cause eviction” protections, announced that in the coming weeks her office would be submitting legislation to close what she believes are holes in Seattle’s just cause eviction ordinance.

Council members Herbold will be hosting a “Lunch and Learn” session on the AIDS Memorial Pathway project on July 9th.

Council member Bagshaw said that the nomination of Bobby Humes as HR Director for the City of Seattle, which was voted out of her committee last week, would come before the full Council on July 15th for final approval. It was delayed because Humes is currently out of town.

Bagshaw also announced that she is scheduling special budget-related committee meetings on July 31st, August 9th, and August 14th, to deal with five items before they turn their attention to the 2020 budget after their August recess. Those items:

  • the 2018 “exceptions” ordinance (things that happened in the last few weeks of december that caused certain line-items to go overbudget);
  • the 2019 “carry forward” ordinance (allowing certain items that were budgeted but not spent in 2018 to be carried forward into 2019);
  • the 2019 Q2 supplemental and grant-acceptance ordinances;
  • the 2019 “capital abandonment” ordinance (deleting abandoned capital projects from the city’s Capital Improvement Plan).

Council member Mosqueda announced that her next committee meeting will be on July 11th. On the agenda:

  • an appointment to the domestic workers’ standards board;
  • The Office of Labor Standards’ Race and Social Justice Initiative report;
  • a possible vote on legislation mandating annual provider wage increases in HSD contracts;
  • a discussion of hotel workers’ industry standards;
  • further deliberations on Mosqueda’s “notice of intent to sell” ordinance.

Mosqueda also noted that today was the first day of implementation of Seattle’s Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights.

And Council member Gonzalez wished Mosqueda an early “happy birthday”  (her birthday is July 4th).

Council member O’Brien continues to be concerned over the safety of NE 35th Avenue. Since a video surfaced of cars illegally using the center turn lane to pass bicycles, SDOT installed bollards to discourage passing. However, a new video has surfaced showing that the bollard have had the opposite effect: at least for some drivers, they have encouraged high-speed passing in the center lane to avoid the bollards. At O’Brien’s committee meeting tomorrow afternoon he intends to show the new video and discuss the situation.