Thursday news roundup

A new regional authority for battling homelessness, and lots more.

The Seattle Times, Crosscut, KUOW, MyNorthwest, The Stranger, Capitol Hill Seatle Blog, and Erica Barnett all report on yesterday’s announcement of a new regional authority to combat homelessness.

The Seattle Times and MyNorthwest cover Council member O’Brien’s proposed ban on natural gas hookups for new buildings.

MyNorthwest looks at the pending SEPA reform ordinance.

GeekWire reports that the city is looking to expand on-street parking for bikes and e-scooters.

Crosscut writes that Council member Mosqueda and Rep. Jayapal are calling for a national domestic workers’ bill of rights.

The Urbanist covers Council member Mosqueda’s proposal for a “pedestrian superblock” on Capitol Hill.

The Seattle TImes has an editorial calling on City Hall to unite behind stopping “RV ranching.”