This week in Council Chambers

More budget meetings!  Also, remember to vote.

Monday morning’s Council Briefing will include two presentations:

  • The Office of Intergovernmental Relations will present its draft legislative agenda for the upcoming state legislative session in January.
  • The Park Department and Forterra will present on the Green Seattle Partnership.

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meeting has only one agenda item: consideration of a resolution expressing the Council’s support of Referendum 88/ Initiative 1000.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes all the bills that collectively form the 2020 city budget, including lots of arcane stuff like utility rate updates, bond issuances, and interfund loans. It also includes the bill officially creating the TNC Tax.


The Budget Committee meets three times this week:

  • late Monday afternoon, to consider issues related to criminal justice (including LEAD) and SPD;
  • Tuesday morning, to consider miscellaneous issues not covered in earlier “issue ID” sessions;
  • Tuesday evening at 5:30 for the second public hearing on the budget.

All other regularly-scheduled committee meetings this week have been cancelled.