This week In Council Chambers: Presidents Day edition

Monday is a federal holiday, so things are shuffled around a bit this week.  But get ready for Mayor Durkan’s “State of the City” address Tuesday morning…

With the Presidents Day holiday on Monday, the regular Monday Council Briefing and full City Council meetings are bumped to Tuesday, and the regular Tuesday meetings are rescheduled.

Tuesday morning’s Council Briefing will include another weekly update from the Office of Intergovernmental Relations on the ongoing state legislative session. Here’s a link to last week’s report.

Tuesday morning at 11:30, Mayor Durkan wil deliver the annual State of the City address from Rainier Arts Center. Seattle Channel will broadcast and stream the address live.

Tuesday afternoon’s City Council meeting will feature final votes on:

  • an ordinance expanding the permitting of sanctioned homeless encampments and “tiny home” villages in Seattle;
  • two appointments to the Community Police Commission.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar contains the following pieces of new legislation:

  • a resolution opposing a “preemption” clause in House Bill 2907;
  • a resolution adding a new “climate impacts” section to the “Summary and Fiscal Note” for every bill that comes before the City Council;
  • an ordinance approving an amended concession agreement for the Tennis Center at Sand Point;
  • an agreement with Sound Transit for Northgate Station area access improvements;
  • an ordinance granting UW pemission to maintain and operate five existing pedestrian skybridges;
  • a resolution approving Seattle City Light’s biennial conservation target.

Wednesday morning the Transportation and Utilities Committee meets. It will take up the Northgate Station area access improvements agreement, and Seattle City Light’s biennial conservation target.

Wednesday afternoon the Finance and Housing Committee will meet. It will consider two appointments to the Domestic Workers Standards Board, and an updated resolution establishing a “watch list” of large and high-risk capital projects that has been in the works in Council member Herbold’s committee for the past few weeks. There will also be a discussion of “the future of work” especailly as it relates to “gig economy” workers.

Thursday afternoon, the Community Economic Development Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not yet been published.