Tuesday news roundup

SPD ups its recruiting game, the Mayor gets criticized by pretty much everyone, and more.

The Seattle Times, KUOW, KOMO, KIRO, the Seattle PI, and KING cover yesterday’s announcement of a new recruiting program by SPD.

The Stranger reports that the Mayor’s Office is being accused of maneuvering to remove someone from the CPC.

The Seattle Times discusses a new report from the City Auditor that lists five steps the city should be taking to better manage trash from homeless encampments around the city.

The Stranger covers the dust-up between the Mayor’s Office and the City Council over funding for the LEAD program.

Erica Barnett previews tomorrow’s Council discussion of the latest report from the Navigation Team, which some Council members have heavily critiqued.

Patch reports that Deputy Chief Marc Green has been demoted.

The Seattle PI looks at what’s happening with HB 2948, the replacement for HB 2907.