Wednesday news roundup

… and the rain is back. But think about all of those pants-optional Zoom meetings you have scheduled for today! Now get out there and seize the day.

Here’s the news.

The Seattle Times and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog report on the Third Door Coalition’s proposal for solving chronic homelessness in King County.

The Seattle Times covers a new ordinance providing renters an option to pay back-rent in installments.

The Stranger looks at the Combined Sewer Overflow project, which apparently the Trump Administration is now taking credit for.

Erica Barnett reports that even Council member MoralesĀ  won’t be attending Council member Sawant’s committee meeting on their payroll tax bill tomorrow evening.

KIRO, MyNorthwest, and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog discuss the latest dust-up between the Council and the Mayor over homeless encampment removals.

Post Alley opines on the financial troubles for the Convention Center expansion project and whether Seattle should be courting its tourism industry quite so enthusiastically.

Erica Barnett brings us the latest on the saga of the city’s portabel shower trailers.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports that two new shelters are opening up in the Central Area.