This week in Council Chambers (updated)

It’s been an extraordinary past 48 hours in Seattle. We know some, but probably not all, of the effects of it on the Council’s planned activities this week.

At this point there are no presentations scheduled for Monday morning’s Council Briefing, but that may change. Without a doubt we can expect several, if not all, of the Council members to address the weekend’s events.

Monday afternoon’s full Council meeting includes final votes on:

  • an extension on the moratorium on redevelopment of mobile home parks in Seattle;
  • a bill requiring paid sick and safe time for some gig workers.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar has no new pieces of legislation.

Wednesday afternoon, the Community Economic Development Committee meets, and will continue (and possibly conclude) its deliberations of the renewal of the University District BIA.

Yesterday Council President Gonzalez and Council member Herbold announced that they have asked the Mayor and SPD Chief Best for an after-event report on Wednesday on yesterday’s events downtown. The time for the meeting has not yet been announced (but it will likely be in the morning since there is already an afternoon meeting scheduled).

UPDATE:  The Public Safety committee will meet at noon on Wednesday for the after-event report, and the Community Economic Development Committee meeting has been cancelled.

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