Thursday news roundup

SPOG gets expelled, and more.

The Seattle Times, New York Times, Seattle PI, KING, Q13, Crosscut, and The Stranger report that last night the MLK Labor Council voted to expel SPOG, the SPD officers’ union.

Patch, Law360, and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog cover the dueling payroll tax proposals in front of the City Council.

Crosscut, Newsweek, Seattle PI, International Examiner, and Patch bring us the latest on the ongoing protests.

Bloomberg, KING, Grist and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog fill us in on what’s happening at the CHOP.

The Seattle Times looks at the efforts to reform the police department.

The Seattle Times and West Seattle Blog report that SDOT says they haven’t found any issues with the West Seattle Bridge yet that would prevent them from repairing it — though they still have more work to do.

Quartz reports on the city’s new requirement for premium pay for food and grocery delivery gig workers.

Erica Barnett reports that the Co-LEAD program has stalled again as SPD claims to be too busy with protests to approve referrals.