This week in Council Chambers (updated)

Another Budget Wednesday this week.


Monday morning’s Council Briefing has no special presentations.

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meeting is scheduled to include final votes on:

  • a bill accepting transfer of the former UW Laundry facility next to the Mount Baker light rail station for the sity to use for transit-oriented development;
  • bills repealing the crime of drug traffic loitering and prostitution loitering.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following pieces of new legislation:

  • a lot subdivision ordinance;
  • the formal introduction of Council member Mosqueda’s three bills proposing a payroll tax and an accompanying spending plan (now co-sponsored by Council members Gonzalez, Herbold and Strauss, with Lewis tweeting that he will also co-sponsor).

Tuesday’s scheduled public hearing on the rebalancing of the 2020 city budget has been cancelled. According to a spokesperson for the City Council, the cancellation is because the Mayor has not yet transmitted her proposed rebalanced budget. “CM Mosqueda wanted to wait to have the public hearing until the public has time to review the Mayor’s proposed budget.”

(update) Tuesday morning, the Public Safety and Human Services Committee will meet in a reschedule of a previous meeting. It will hear annual reports from the Office of Police Accountability and Office of the Inspector General.

Wednesday and afternoon the Budget Committee will be meeting again. The agendas have not been published yet, but the morning session will likely take up once again the competing payroll tax proposals — though with Mosqeuda’s now having five Council members signed on, that seems like the one to bet on.  The afternoon session will probbaly continue the “inquest” into SPD’s budget.

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