Thursday news roundup

We’re talking budget — the city’s, and particularly SPD’s — today.


KUOW (here and here), the AP, Seattle PI, Patch, and Erica Barnett discuss the Mayor’s proposed cut to SPD’s budget.

The Seattle Times, West Seattle Blog, and The Urbanist discuss what’s going on in other parts of the Mayor’s proposed “re-balanced” budget.

Law360 looks at the newest proposal to impose a payroll tax.

The Seattle Times talks with SPD officers about the future of policing.

KING discusses the ongoing investigation as to whether the West Seattle Bridge can be repaired.

The Seattle Times reports that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against the city for its role in permitting and supporting the CHOP.

The Seattle Times and Newsweek discuss what happens to the CHOP from here.

Crosscut has a historical perspective on the challenges in being mayor of Seattle.

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