Friday news roundup

To finish off the week, a little bit of everything.  Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.

The Seattle Times, Seattle PI, KING, Patch, Seattle Medium, and GeekWire report on the Mayor’s unveiling of her proposal for a minimum wage for Uber and Lyft drivers.

KUOW, KING, KIRO, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, Northwest Asian Weekly, and MyNorthwest continue the discussion of the resignation of Chief Best.

The Seattle Times, Tacoma News-Tribune, and KLTV weigh in on defunding the police.

The Seattle Times reports on a listening event held by the Office of the Inspector General for Public Safety.

Bloomberg , the Seattle Times, and MyNorthwest report that Amazon is considering moving employees out of Seattle.

Northwest Asian Weekly covers what happened last week when protesters showed up at the home of Deputy Mayor Mike Fong.

The South Seattle Emerald provides an update on the status of the effort to recall Mayor Durkan.

The Seattle Times has an op-ed on defunding the Navigation Team.

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  1. At some point, the Council is going to realize that all Amazon has to do is “relocate” to Rhode Island….

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