This week in Council Chambers

The 2021 budget process kicks off this week. Fun!


In recognition of Yom Kippur, Monday’s regularly scheduled Council meetings have been moved to Tuesday.

Tuesday morning’s Council Briefing has to special presentations or executive sessions.

Midday Tuesday, Mayor Durkan will be unveiling her proposed 2021 budget.

Tuesday afternoon’s full City Council meeting will include the ceremonial delivery of the Mayor’s proposed 2021 budget to the Council. It will also include final votes on:

  • an ordinance temporarily removing interest charges on delinquent Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities bills;
  • an ordinance expanding the uses of automatic traffic safety cameras;
  • the confirmation of Catherine McDowall as a Seattle Municipal Court Judge;
  • an ordinance expanding the city’s whistleblower code to include reports to the Office of Inspector General for Public Safety;
  • an ordinance establishing a minimum wage standard for Uber and Lyft drivers;
  • an ordinance making several amendments to the Comprehensive Plan;
  • a resolution docketing several potential amendments to the Comprehensive Plan for investigation in 2021.

There is no Introduction and Referral Calendar this week. UPDATE 9/28  2:30pm: there is one — it was published very late, and there isn’t much of interest on it.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the Budget Committee meets in both the morning and afternoon to hear presentations on sections of the Mayor’s proposed budget. The schedule of presentations has not yet been published.

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