This week in Council Chambers

The budget work continues.


At Monday morning’s Council Briefing, the Council will interview the twenty-one appointees to various city boards and committees who were chosen through the Get Engaged program.

Monday afternoon at the full City Council meeting, the Council will approve the Get Engage appointees. It will also vote on an ordinance that delays the six-year planning cycle for the Seattle Park District.

Monday evening at 5:30pm, there will be a public hearing on the Seattle Parks District proposed 2021 budget.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes all of the separate pieces of legislation that are part of the 2021 budget package, as well as the Q3/2020 supplemental budget ordinance.

Tuesday and Wednesday, the Budget Committee meets to continue its “issue identification” discussions.

  • Tuesday morning: Parks Department and SDOT
  • Tuesday afternoon: SPD
  • Wednesday morning: Community safety investments
  • Wednesday afternoon: HSD, homelessness investments, and COVID response


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