Thursday news roundup

It’s a potpourri of news day.

The Seattle Times reports on a new city policy that will make it easier for religious organizations to build affordable housing.

PubliCola covers a new fight between the city’s human services department and tiny home village operator LIHI.

The Seattle Times reports on a new UW study shoring the impact of interactions with police on Black youth.

The Stranger looks at the recent PR offensive by SPOG President Mike Solan.

PubliCola reports on the recent firing of an SPD officer after he crashed his patrol vehicle into a parked car and then lied to cover it up.

The Stranger and PubliCola cover the ACLU’s request that the city enact a stronger ban on SPD and its officers’ use of facial recognition software.

West Seattle Blog brings us the latest on the West Seattle Bridge.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports on a new initiative by the Mayor to reopen Cal Anderson Park and take down the barriers around the East Precinct building.

Law360 reports that local businesses are pushing back on how the city is implementing the new payroll tax.


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  1. Hi Kevin, the referenced article is behind a paywall….can you provide a brief description of the source of the pushback here. I have been wondering how much of this tax will actually get collected so the rules would be key to know. Thanks.

    1. Sure. The pushback is on how the city is choosing to determine where an employee is “primarily assigned.” At the moment an employee could be primarily assigned to a Bellevue office of Microsoft or Amazon but due to COVID restrictions is currently working from home. The pushback was that the city seems to be losing the distinction between an employee who is not primarily assigned to any office and works from home, versus one who has a primary assignment but still works more than 50% from home for any of a number of reasons.

      The draft rules are here: and the pushback was at the hearing held yesterday.

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