Thursday news roundup

Lots of news this morning.

PubliCola reports that the Regional Housing Authority is poised to offer the CEO position to the runner-up in their search, after their top candidate turned down the job.

Q13 and PubliCola cover SPD’s plea not to further cut its budget this year.

KOMO and Seattle PI report that the City Council is moving forward on a bill that would loosen restrictions on home-based businesses during the pandemic — but not without some reservations.

The Seattle Times, Q13, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, and the Urbanist bring us election news.

The South Seattle Emerald has a guide to the Democracy Voucher program.

PubliCola reports that the city finance department has asked the state auditor to widen its investigation of the $3 million no-bid “Black Brilliance Research Project” contract.

Post Alley looks at what’s happening with Seattle’s real estate and rental markets.

The Seattle Times and West Seattle Blog report that SDOT is moving into the next phase of repairs to the West Seattle Bridge.

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