Friday news roundup

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled spring weather.

Here’s the news.

The Seattle Times reports out from a gathering of community members mourning the closure of the Wedgwood QFC.

KIRO covers the meeting of two community advisory groups discussing gun violence.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports that the city is now offering no-appointment, walk-in COVID vaccinations or all Seattle residents age 60 or older.

PubliCola continues its discussion of the proposed charter amendment on the city’s homeless response.

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  1. I noticed that most kept their net worth blank or at best put themselves in total poverty , which suggests that they are not as transparent as they expect others to be , hmmmm , could we have a majority of lying city council members??
    My suspicion is absolutely !
    A phony group of pretenders !

    1. If they filed a “minor change” or “no change” report, then they don’t fill in all of those details; you have to look at the previous year’s report (which I provided links to in the article).

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