Wednesday news roundup

Vaccination appointments are up; SPD staffing is down. That, and plenty more, in this morning’s news.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, South Seattle Emerald, and West Seattle Blog all cover the surge in the availability of vaccinations at the City’s sites this week.

KING, the AP and KOMO discuss the latest report on SPD staffing, showing a loss of more officers in the first three months of 2021.

The Seattle Times reports that Seattle residents are moving to South King County, and businesses are starting to follow suit.

Crosscut looks at the Seattle Asian Art Museum’s second attempt at a grand re-opening, after major renovations and the COVID shutdown.

The Urbanist suggests ways to improve the proposed charter amendment that would codify the city’s approach to addressing the homelessness crisis.

The Stranger predicts what the reaction will be when the City of Seattle refuses to recriminalize simple drug possession.

The Seattle Times says that as far as politics go, it’s Seattle’s state now.

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